Bad Dog Cycles
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Frequently asked questions

1. Why design a new V-Twin engine?

I haven't been able to find a large air-cooled V-Twin with the modern design features I wanted so I'm building it myself.  I believe that what appeals to me in this engine design will appeal to other enthusiasts seeking a powerful, great looking air-cooled engine.

2. Will the motor be offered as a basic long block?

No.  I think the only way to keep the transmission, primary drive and swing arm pivot from flexing under torque is to rigidly attach all parts to each other.  Existing primaries and transmissions don't accomplish this.  My design will.  In addition, if the power unit and swing arm pivot are one rigid assembly, the option exists to mount the whole thing on rubber to isolate vibration, making for a more comfortable machine that still handles well.

3. Will it fit a standard frame?

No standard frame has the necessary strength for an engine this powerful.  We’ll build one that can handle the Bad Dog 215 and match its unique looks too.

4. What is the biggest back tire possible, with the motor centred in the frame?

The largest back tire possible will be a 260/35 R 21 (Metzler ME880). This is with a chain, not a rear belt.

5. Is this engine going to have heat issues?

The Bad Dog 215 is air-cooled.  Extended idling isn’t recommended for any air-cooled engine and should be avoided.  The head and cylinder finning will be extensive adding to the cooling abilities of this engine.  As an added cooling feature, starting at three-quarters throttle, water/alcohol injection will kick in.

6. Why not use water cooling?

A water-cooled motorcycle motor just doesn't get me excited.  Period!

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